Arabtech Labs is the only Arab digital media company in the far east. Based in Hong Kong with partners in Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah and Sydney. Proudly the only company that offers Arab cultural marketing. For example, everyone speaks Arabic but there are different dialects and cultural aspects most international brands don't realise. It's like speaking to Irish nationals in an American accent. Arabtech labs will help you enter the Arab market with in house solutions such as social media services, media production, influencer management, app production and events. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. Our company is made to help fill the void between Arabic speaking customers and the world. With a wonderful all-inclusive team, you won't need to look anywhere else! We've got  PhD holders in Arab consumer behaviour, proofers with masters in Linguistics. Visual Media directors and amazing interns that add spark to any event they cover. Allow us to take your business to the next level and maintain it's a spot in a soaring market that's hardly keeping up with the demand. Arabtech labs would love to introduce you to its two babies. & 




Our work is as diverse as our clients, but there is one commonality: all of it encourages action and inspires behavior.

We've got weekly, monthly and yearly packages for social media management.

We offer a click and book application to cover your event where you select your needs and we follow with quality assurance.

All of our social media managers are trained in diplomatic protocol and crises management to aid the event management in any case of emergency.

We offer quality control for multinational campaigns by professional proof readers and cultural consultants in Arabic and English. 

We understand that some clients would like to test our services or might have a small project that requires extra support. We offer four different plans that you can buy right away with 100% success guarantee. We are currently offering diverse plans with no maintenance or startup fees. For more info click here 





Our team have partnered up in many exciting projects. We are thankful for our clients as we grow with them.



We are a diverse group of unique individuals who excel in their field of work - from social media directors, community managers, photographers, video editors, creative writers, analysis experts, SEO consultants, Arabic/English linguistics specialists and talent agents. Most of our crew are based in Dubai. With the majority born and raised in the Arab gulf. Most clients come to us for the authenticity and direct line we offer between the client and the targeted customer. We don't outsource and what we offer is 100% unique and authentic.